Bio - Mike Rael
Yellowstone Falls #2

About Me...

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My interest in photography began with a 1979 Nikon FM 35mm film camera. The camera belonged to my mom and she encouraged me to use it.   Film and processing was expensive, especially for a 12 year old kid, but I was totally amazed with how a camera could capture a moment in time.

Then in 1986, my freshman year at the University of Colorado I needed to take an elective and Intro. to Photography looked great. Well that was it, after that class I was hooked, I took my mom’s camera every where I went. Film and processing was still expensive so my shot selection was purposeful and I think it was what gave me the patience to get the shot I want.

These images showcase my love of nature, aviation and travel.  I hope that you enjoy the images as much as I do and if there is an image that you really love, they are all available for sale as prints, floating metallic wall art and phone cases.

Thanks again for visiting!


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